EMC2 Education Technologies offers the best CompTIA Security+ training complete with intensive course review, career counseling, and resume review.

Our course teaches baseline cybersecurity skills while emphasizing hands-on practical skills; ensuring the security professional is better prepared to problem solve a wide variety of issues such as performing threat analyses and responding with appropriate mitigation skills.

This CompTIA Security+ training course will help you gain cyber security skills required to design secure cyber-spaces, networks, VPCs, and platforms, conduct malware/threat analysis, and take proper actions to mitigate risks.

Course Features

Course delivery 100% online, live classroom and self-paced learning

50 hours of blended learning

32 hours of synchronous instructor-led lab avtivities

18 hours of self-paced learning

CompTIA Security+ Certification Exam Voucher included

Target Audience

Non-IT Professionals

Students studying at community colleges or universities

IT Professionals

High school students (juniors and seniors only)


Intensive boot camp (certification exam prep)

2 full review exams

Career counseling

Resume prep workshop


Candidates must pass the SYO-501 exam administered by CompTIA.

The exam has up to 90 questions and lasts 90 minutes.

Candidates must score at least 750 to pass the exam.

For more information on the certification exam, please click on the following link

Exam fee is included in the course fee.

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Cyber security is a highly valued and well-paying occupation with remarkable career opportunities.

Did you know that?

• The cyber security unemployment rate has been at 0% since 2011 (

• In 2019, there were 314,000 unfilled positions in the U.S. (Cyber Seek).

• Employment for information security analysts is projected to grow at 32% until 2028 - higher than the average for all other occupations.

Companies Actively Hiring Cyber Security Analysts

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EMC2 Education Technologies is a distance learning company providing state-of-the-art IT certification programming. The mission of our company is creating opportunities for individuals and communities through digital skills training. Our company transforms lives by helping close the achievement gap and digital divide.

We partner with leading companies and industry leaders to offer carefully-designed courses to help our students achieve their professional goals. Our founders have decades of experience working with students and providing results-oriented solutions based on unique needs of each client.


Recognize threats, attacks and vulnerabilities

Understand cyber technologies & tools to mitigate risks

Lab Activities

Architecture & design of network security to preserve integrity and confidentiality of critical information

Understand cryptography and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

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